Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thing six

Texting and driving has been on my mind quite often over the past few months. I have lots of young adults in my family for which texting is the main form of communication . I am constantly discussing with them to avoid texting while driving. However, with teens and young adults when they are alone one never knows what they will do. Eventhough some studies show texting while driving is more dangerious than drunk driving a national law has yet to be passed. I understand President Obama has outlawed the practice for all federal employees. I think it should be a law in ever state.

Thing Five

Flickr is a very interesting site, especially for users who take lots of photos. You can upload your photos on flickr instead of on your computer which takes up a lot of space , share photos with friends and family, and special groups if you wish. What I really like about flickr is that it is free.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Learning 2.0 has been easy and hard at times. However, over all it is a blessing. I like learning new things but at times I tend to procrastinate. Learning 2.0 is encouraging me to learn new technologies I would other wise not be encourged to attempt. Technology is the new way and there is no way to avoid it. I am empowering myself and then my customers and others around me will eventually benefit. After learning 23 Things I will be encouraged to learning more new technologies. Getting excited!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


What it means to be a life long learner

For me being a lifelong learner has always been part of my up bringing. I have always been surrounded with books and family. I also played a variety of sports growing up. As a Librarian/Teacher I am constantly teaching people around me and passing down knowledge I acquire. I am confident with myself and I encourage others to be confident. I like learning new things eg. dances, cooking and learning the history of other countries.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thing One


Here I am starting a new adventure. I hope the next 22 things go well. I'll keep you updated.